“If you would like to hold beauty in your hands and your heart, read and absorb this book of lovely poems wrapped in gorgeous art. This is one of the few books I have seen where the poet and the artist, Airin, are one. The fine wine of watercolor scenes accompanies this delicious feast of words perfectly.”

Tom Zender, president emeritus of Unity; bestselling author of God Goes to Work and One-Minute Meditations at Work


“Airin’s poetry opens a window into his spiritual journey. One can hear and see the central force of his religious experience: love. His love for understanding others and seeing the physical world in the moment, with its deep meanings and noticing the silence, is expressed masterfully in the following verse: “The silence is the soul of the universe …”

Then, one is invited to stop and listen to the silence and discover the wealth of opportunities of every moment as it unfolds and becomes part of our being. Airin’s subtle and profound approach to introspection is his gift to us.”

Regana C Sisson, MD


The Holy Presence (Spirit, Universal Light) breathes purely through Eternal Thread, a collection of meditative poems and picture-prayers. Each poem offers a respite into a quiet place and centers the mind. Watercolor picture-prayers reflect small yet powerful moments of connection with Spirit.